Guided Family Healing

The Heal Your Roots ™ Family program is designed to help families navigating trauma or major life transitions.  Together we work to bring a new communication dynamic to the family as a whole and you as an individual. Our focus is to create healthy change in communication and interaction. These sessions can bring balance and harmony and teach families and individuals how to create an energy of unconditional love.

 This may be helpful for you if you identify with any of the below…

  • You or someone you know is working thru a serious illness, addiction, or abuse.
  • You are in a relationship and struggling to make things work and are looking for a way to bring a deeper level of connection to one another.
  • You or a family member need to bring old traumas or experiences to the surface for your own healing and / or experiences that need to be healed as a family.
  • You have a family member who is in their final stages of life and the family is ready to come together to bring peace, harmony, and healing to the family as a whole before their loved one moves on.
  • A parent struggling with a child who is being bullied or acting out with negative behaviors.
  • A parent trying to navigate raising a child with disorders like ADHD, ADD, Autism, etc.

Our first step will be to schedule an Unconditional Family Connection ™ Introduction session.  You’ll find the description below and its a FREE 15 minute consultation.

Unconditional Family Connection ™ Introduction Session – This is a 15 minute session where we’ll explore the process of the different approaches we can take to deepen the families connection to a place of true unconditional love. Below you’ll find more about what types of traumas and circumstances I work with and how we can customize your own Heal Your Roots ™ program with your family.

Once we complete this session together we’ll create a customized plan specifically for the family as a whole and if needed individual work for those in the family.  This process is a wonderful tool to bring closure or a resolution to some of the major and minor challenges individuals and families face together. Our work together will be focused on bringing the family to a sense of unconditional self love for each member of the family while also bringing balance and harmony within the family dynamics. You and your family will learn how to connect to one another at a soul level.

Below are some additional options I offer as your guide to family healing.

Connecting To The Family Trees – You and your family will come together and learn a new form of communication that comes from a place of unconditional love.  Together you will learn how to interact and communicate at a deeper level that honors you as an individual and how to express that same energy within the family dynamic.

Navigating The Family Roots – Often time the people in our inner circle including family are souls we have shared many past lives with.  When needed we explore some of these past lives together to identify patterns that are holding us back from moving forward in this lifetime. This process can helps us untangle old family patterns and dynamics that are no longer working.  Once we bring these patterns or experiences to surface they can be cleared and healed within the family so that they are not carried forward to future generations.

Untwisting The Family of Trees – The Intuitive Mentor process allows us to un-layer all we have gathered in our previous sessions working within the family dynamic. We can then  clearly identify and move to the root cause of the pain bringing it to surface. Our next step is to acknowledging and bring a new level of peace and understanding to each member of the family.  Then as a family everyone operates from a higher level of perspective to the experience or trauma allowing everyone to move forward from a place of unconditional family love.

If you’d like more information on how the Healing Your Roots ™ program can be customized for your needs use the contact form here.  Wishing you many blessings on your healing journey