Guided Self Healing

Healing Your Roots ™ is a process for you if you are prepared to look into the deepest parts of yourself to rediscover your connection to your divine soul.  I practice and teach my clients to bring peace, balance, self-care, and unconditional love to themselves and those they connect with.  We work together to bring an awareness to heal things at their root level as well as on all human levels of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fields.  We do this so that the issues being experienced can be healed at the core or root level and from there we can begin to heal the experience and truly clear the trauma from your energetic space. We work our way at your pace to create a healthy energy flow in the body, create a newfound peace and open a deeper awareness to your divine soul connection. I work with clients at both the individual and family levels so take a look below or contact me here for additional information on how we might work together.

Below you’ll find just a few of the options I offer as your guide to self healing.

The Divine Soul Connection ™ Introduction Session – This is a 15 minute session where we’ll explore the process of the different approaches we can take to connecting you back to your divine soul. We will always start where you are and move forward at your pace. The work we do is custom tailored to your specific needs.  Below you’ll find just a few of the options that can be used to customize your own Heal Your Roots ™ program.

Energetic Realignment – Most often this is where our work will begin.  Energetic Realignment can be a 1 or more session process depending on the individual and it is a process of putting your bodies energy back into balance by clearing, aligning, and or locking in chakras in order to open up an awareness level allowing for a new space in the mind and body to gently open and guide us to moving to the root or core issue that is creating things like body aches and pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, or other ailing symptoms.

Finding Your Roots –  Can include processes like Soul Retrieval and Akashic Record Reading. Soul Retrieval is a process of going into where body trauma exists and recovering pieces of our medicine and story that have been lost thru traumatic experiences like abuse, car accidents, or broken relationships. Akashic Record Reading is a process that allows us to go into past experience of this lifetime and or past lifetimes and bring to surface experiences or patterns that need to be acknowledged healed and cleared. Utilizing some of these processes untangles trauma experienced in our lives and creates a bridge to connecting ones divine soul and its purpose by moving you to a higher vibration creating space for you to begin manifesting the life you desire.

Untwisting The Tree – The Intuitive Mentor process allows us to un-layer all we have gathered in our previous sessions. We can then  clearly identify and move to the root cause of the pain bringing it to surface. Our next step is to acknowledging and bringing peace and a higher level of perspective to the experience or trauma thus allowing you to  move forward from a place of unconditional self-love.

Wounds and Wands – If we’ve made it this far in the journey its an amazing blessing.  This is a reflection process that takes you thru all the gathered medicine and gives you the opportunity to identify your souls purpose and work in this world. We go back and take time to enter the place of wounding and create a specific symbol or energetic connection to the highest vibration of the experience filling it with light and unconditional love. In this process we can clear the negative energetic impacts of the experience and bring an understanding of what gifts were created in the process of healing the trauma

If you’d like more information on how the Healing Your Roots ™ program can be customized for your needs use the contact form here.  Wishing you many blessings on your healing journey!